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Garter belts are sexually appealing

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Revolt! The time to embrace the sweet gentle hug of a garter belt is now! No longer a vintage pin-up girl's play thing, but a revolution towards women of all eras! An exotic piece that had long been forgotten in favor of more modern tastes and now is back in fashion. Embody the decades of golden Hollywood sirens by this easy throwback. Elegant and diverse, each style exists to rediscover your divine self. A woman's reinvention can start from the hips down, and no investment is better than into yourself.

An article of clothing that could be a whisper of lace, the sheer structured piece to command attention to your figure. Lace reinforced with embroidery with sparkling jeweled straps that dangle all the way to the clasps. A striking PVC wet look shine to add an element of danger. Are you a femme fetale or a woman on a mission? Discover your alter egos with us in store. We have various sizes and we aim to make every body type and size feel beautiful.