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Pleaser Demonia Boots GLAM-300
: $132.95
It may be a little intimidating to try exotic dance shoes with extreme high heels, but with a 4 inch platform that offsets the heel height, you'll find that walking and dancing becomes easier and easier with practice. These high heel platform shoes are not only fun to wear, but are functional for those careers that depend on a spicey look or fetish style. Here are some more details that can help you decide if dancing or prancing in fetish footwear is ideal for you.

Increased Momentum and Stretch

Not only is dancing in BDSM heels sexier and more fun than dancing barefoot, but they actually provide more power and momentum to your moves, especially spinning. If you want to take your moves to the next level, BDSM heels are also great for inverting, which is a kind of pole dance trick where the dancer hangs upside down on the pole, and then continues with more moves from there. The added weight in your heels will make your stretches wider, as well as help you gain more strength and flexibility as you move. You'll gain more confidence in your dance and your audience will be extra impressed by your talent; it's a win-win for everyone!

Enhanced Appearance

No one can deny the edginess of fetish footwear. They are exciting and will help you standout in a crowd. These shoes make your legs look infinitely long and render a tighter, rounder and perkier butt. With BDSM high heels, your arch and calf will become well defined, making you look and feel sexier while allowing you to dance with confidence.

When dancing sensually, it’s prudent to go for different types of fetish footwear that matches with your outfit. For instance, black knee-high leather BDSM boots will often go well with a sexy police uniform or a devilish vinyl romper, while the kitten heels are bound to match with a black lace teddy. Give Vavoom a call for invaluable advice regarding fetish and exotic shoes and feel free to spoil yourself with a pair.