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leg warmers and fuzzies

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Leg warmers used to be a thing of the 80's, but at most raves and nightclubs they're a staple. Gogo dancers are fond of leg warmers to keep the chill off of them. At most raves you'll spot ladies sporting neon and white leggings that pop under the black lights. You can even wear leg warmers over jeans with a nice pair of boots which always streamline your legs. Wear them with converse or converse high top shoes which are comfortable and totally urban. Throw them over leggings during the autumn for a subdued accessory to keep cozy.

Fuzzies are a another popular style similar to leg warmers. These fuzzy boot covers are perfect for rave,festival season or the added depth in cosplay. Fuzzies can contain multi color, shimmer,solid color, or sparkling and will vary with styles. Patterns and texture can vary to fit your own specific tastes. Multi color rainbow fuzzies can be the high light of your Pride accessories. Durable and easy to care for, fuzzies make an idea piece for a performer on the go.