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Soft lingerie teddys

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Charming and playful, a teddy is a fantastic option for lingerie without the guesswork. For a woman on the go, the teddy is highly recommended for travel. With its single piece style and sheer fabric,it takes up less space in a packed bag. Forgo a trip to the dry cleaners for these teddies as they are easy to care for. A teddy is made to breathe and allows for free movement,no matter what you're doing...

Keyholes in some pieces will allow for a small panty to slyly peek out. Friendly for those wanting to hide some "problem areas". A teddy is not limited to a single neckline and allows for a more personal touch. Some styles will very as a thong or for more full bottom coverage. A cotton, daring pleather, or bejeweled styles are offered for a more dramatic option.