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knee high stocking socks

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Flow with the energy of the night by sporting these knee high stockings that scream mischief. Our basic black or basic white knee high socks are great for any school girl outfit. Couple these knee high stockings with the titillating mini plaid skirt; for a night of lessons for a naughty little school girl outfit that's panting for trouble; with a pair of denim shorts for a cute summer outfit, and affordable enough to match with friends for a group event.

Perhaps you're more of the gentle personality. Stay out of trouble and play as innocent one with our rainbow stripped knee high socks. Our rainbow knee high stockings are great for pride or just for fun. Our black and white stripped knee high socks are super stylish for a game out on the field and can be worn with high platform shoes or low flats and tennis shoes. Select from our trendy line with cool designs, stripes, sheer, knit,or purr-fect kitty cat knee high stockings.