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Steel Boned Corsets

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The goddesses of beauty have blessed mankind with the corset. Structured support from the breast and below. Double steel rods hidden in each panel, this investment piece can last decades with basic care. These genuine corsets draws the figure inward and creates an hourglass frame. The over bust covers up the bosom, no bra is needed to be worn as the laces will be tighten for support.These pieces require dry cleaning and can be refreshed up with a mixed spray of 1 part low quality vodka and 1 part water.

Long term wearing of a corset can be worn to shape the waist. For questions of sizing we suggest consulting our size guide, or coming in to Vavoom store for a proper fitting to find the best for your own figure for that desired effect. At the event or for daily wear a corset is always an appropriate option. A shawl or blazer for an understated option of wearing something over a corset. Every person can wear a corset, but not every corset is for every person. Torso length and breast size will factor into the size of the corset. European sizes differs from the United States. Our size guides will lead you to the most accurate fit. A perfect fit for every vixen.