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Chemises classy and sassy

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Form fitting at the hips and bust,a chemise is made to draw the eyes to your entire form. As familiar as we all are with a common slip,this is the upgraded model. Styles can very from a opaque lace to a silk texture that glides across the skin. Exquisite textures with garter straps and clasps allow for a classic Cuban style stocking to add a seductive vibe to your form. For those seeking simplicity or a more demur look, garters can be removed on multiple styles of chemises.

Streamlined and with side embellishments can hide some areas of the body that we are not trying to draw attention to. Many women after birth prefer sets that can hide stretch marks. Lingerie is not limited to two pieces sets,sexy is not limited to size or body type. Chemises are a provocative option of keeping covered while leaving yourself bare.