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Knee High Boots

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baby pink vegan leather BEAR-202
: $123.95
black patentent CAMEL-65
: $130.95
black vegan leather CAMEL-65
: $130.95
black vegan leather CAMEL-70
: $130.95
black vegan leather  red satin GLAM-243
: $117.95
black vegan leather KERA-108
: $136.95
white vegan leather KERA-108
: $136.95
black vegan leather pat KERA-110
: $128.95
black stretchetch patentent KERA-303
: $141.95
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Do not walk into the room, strut! Wearing Vavoom's knee and thigh high boots for women, you will capture the attention of everyone you encounter. Whether you are at a competition, on stage, or putting on a personal show for your significant other, Vavoom's high heeled boots demand attention.

Buying a great pair of knee high leather boots doesn’t have to break the bank. Vavoom has quality knee high boots and stripper boots for cheap. Shop your favorite brands like Pleaser, Bordello, and Fabulicious. We also offer a range of styles like ankle to mid-calf boots, thigh high boots and knee high boots. Our best sellers are our knee and thigh high lace up boots.

For a truly one of a kind look, our Dagger single sole solid brass thigh high heels are a great choice, With an open lace up back with a full inner side zipper, these boots are both sexy and practical. If you are craving serious height, the 6 ¼ inch heel will get you there.

If you are looking for a shorter boot with the same domineering style, we recommend the Dominia single sole ankle boot with interchangeable ankle zippers. Also bringing the height with a 6 inch heel, these shorter boots are an alternative choice. We encourage you to shop around and find what boots you love most at www.Vavoom.com. With our broad selection, it’s near impossible to not find something that calls your name.