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Matching Set Dance Wear

Ready for a contemporary upgrade? The classic bikini set has been revived. A medley of two and three piece sets,standard sizing of one size fits most. Body zone has a color system that allows for flexibility in mixing and matching pieces to complete a personal touch on a dancer staple. Some pieces are reversible, all sets can be layered for more coverage if desired.

While not specifically designed for swimwear, the material is ready for the water. Keep in mind that some pieces lack the inner lining of a swimsuit bikini. This can cause the material to cling to the body and might reveal more than you intended. Layering a panty underneath will alleviate this issue. A unique option to enjoy a swim or pose on the beach.

Our two piece outfits are great for exotic dancers adding that extra spice or for anyone that enjoys unique outfits that are not found in department stores and everyone else has it. These two piece outfits are great for posing and some can be used as swimwear.