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True stay-up stockings have a comfortable silicon strip that sticks to your thighs allowing your stockings to stay up.

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Put on a pair of VAVOOM stay-up stockings and you won't have to think about pulling them up. They are the hottest thing since the invention of nylon stockings. Stay up stockings / stay up nylons are an exotic dancer's accessory favorite. That is, stay-up stockings stay in place when performing pole tricks and prancing on stage. Off stage they easily come off for those personal dance moments. Burlesque performers enjoy the outstanding performance of stay-up stockings as well. Burlesque dancers wear stay-up stockings for many of their stage routines and acts.

Burlesque dancing is so energetic and exciting that stay-up stockings are an important add to the performance. Burlesque show entertainers shop at Venus Unveiled at 711 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota for the largest selection of stay-up stockings. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, the burlesque cast put together their outfits and accessories all from our store. Our stay up thigh highs fit extra small to 4X/5X and are available always.

At VAVOOM.com you don't have to be a burlesque dancer or a female stripper to want and enjoy stockings that hold up and stay up. Hold up stockings are amazing and are for everyone. With a large selection of sizes and styles we have stay up thigh highs that are sure to fit your size and taste.