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Vinyl Dresses

Queens of the dark, your coronation starts with the dress. For pleasure, for pain, for every kink related fantasy. Seductive,erotic,forbidden and shadowy. Drenched in pleather or wet look soft material and lace delicately dotting. Kink event approved as it can be street appropriate wear. Adult events will vary for dress code. Pasties can be used to keep the most tender bits concealed.Vinyl spread across the skin and draped demurely over the thigh.

Dresses are fashioned as the traditional dress to a more extreme corset dress. Corset dresses tend to be more tailored as a traditional corset. The boning will not be the accustomed double steel boning and more malleable to the form.They however, will require full lacing down the entire back. The length extends past the hips and often tailored to be the micro mini dress. A dame by day,a dominatrix or vixen by night.