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Our dancers love our anklet socks. They wear them with all their platform shoes for added sauciness.

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You don't have to be a dancer to wear these sweet and innocent anklet socks. They are amazingly a turn on for those that enjoy the art of seduction. Slip into these white anklet socks with the lace top and drive your partner crazy with the sweet little sexiness appeal. Or put on the black anklet socks that say innocent, but, in a dark kind of way. Your partner can't be sure.

The anklet socks with the ruffle tops by Leg Avenue have been the most popular. Elegantly designed and made with the finest quality the rose pattern lace anklets are an attention getter. Walking heal to toe in these fine playful anklets are sure to put all eyes on you.

But don't stop them from looking. Show-off the anklets with bows wearing your low platform shoe. Don't get me wrong, you can wear anklet socks with any shoe including flats.