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Stockings with attached garters are amorous, convenient, and ultra sexy.

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Wear garter stockings with a micro thong and enjoy the convenience of not having to pull your thigh highs up. There's also no need to buy a separate garter belt and hassle with clips. Attached garter stockings are smooth and enticingly attractive in so many different styles and lace design. Garter stockings are also perfect with skirts and skin tight dresses. No visible panty lines when wearing garter stockings.

Garter stockings are superb to wear as a one of the number one fashion accessory. So fashionable and provocative they play very well with the hearts desire. By enhancing women's curves and adding seemingly length to one's legs, garter stockings heighten the moment, raising the temperature of your partner's anticipation. Garter stockings play and tease and look all so elegant allowing the moment to rise to its max.

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