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It's time to dance, dance, dance strutting and prancing in super colorful leg warmers and fuzzy boot covers

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Leg warmers used to be a thing of the 80s, but Raver girls and Go Go dancers wear leg warmers to dance the night away. You can wear leggings with pumps and mini dresses or over tights to keep warm. You can even wear leg warmers over jeans with a nice pair of boots which always streamline your legs. Wear them with converse or converse high top shoes which are comfortable and totally urban. As you can see leggings can enhance any dud outfit.

Fuzzies are a different kind of leg warmer. These fuzzy boot covers are perfect for Raving and can be multi color, solid color, or sparkling. Multi color rainbow fuzzies can be the high light of your Pride accessories. You don't have to spend a lot of money on them. Cheap leg warmers are inexpensive and durable and with a little care can last a long time.

Looking for places to wear your fuzzies? Music festivals are a great place to show your dance moves and leg warmers. Party until you drop all summer festival long!